Tom Petty’s Widow Sued for $5MM by Late Singer’s Daughters

In October of 2017 famed singer-songwriter, Tom Petty passed away from an accidental drug overdose at the age of sixty-six. Leaving behind a wife and two daughters, Petty’s family members have been embroiled in several legal battles concerning his estate over the past two years. Most recently, Petty’s daughters, Adria and Annakim Violette have filed a lawsuit against his widow, Dana York Petty, for $5 million based on the theft, misuse, and misallocation of his assets.

Petty’s estate was set to be divided between the three women upon his death under the Petty Unlimited LLC. The entity was to be run by the three individuals with equal power to maintain and preserve his legacy. Recently the daughters claim to have found that Dana failed to create Petty Unlimited LLC and instead created a separate entity called Tom Petty Legacy LLC. The sisters have said that this has prevented them from obtaining their full shares of their father’s estate since Dana along with several other co-named defendants diverted more than their established 1/3 share. The two are seeking damages of $5 million, the creation of a “constructive trust” for the assets they were deprived of, and further measures to prevent future interferences from Dana and her associates.

The current allegations come months after Dana accused Petty’s daughters of trying to prevent her control of the estate as the directing trustee. Being that when decisions would come to a vote Petty’s daughters would be able to gain the 2/3 majority, Dana felt the two would be exerting primary control over the Petty businesses. At the time, Dana was also said to have deemed Adria’s actions erratic concerning Petty’s posthumous music releases. In return, the sisters alleged Dana was preventing them from making decisions concerning the estate in an equal manner. This accusation, along with the LLC issue, is what has ultimately caused the two to file their most recent lawsuit.

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