The Real Issue with Fitness Trackers

There’s a never-ending supply of new fitness devices available today, but most of the data they report is useless.  Yes, you are counting steps, flights of stairs climbed, and hours of sleep, but are you honestly doing anything with that data?  There’s even “smart” clothing on the horizon, which will read your vital signs, stress levels, and even tell you to cut back on the amount of Thanksgiving turkey you’re eating. As our culture moves closer to measuring everything, it seems as though we are moving further away from tracking and measuring information that we actually need to know.

The argument for the usefulness of real-time data tracking is valid. It’s not an illogical leap to think any individual could potentially improve their overall fitness and health on the fly by leveraging better KPIs and insightful metrics. For most people, however, effectively utilizing that data it is a challenging task. We track our steps every day(and that’s great), but do we have an actionable plan? Are we getting any healthier?

More data does not make better decision makers by itself. While having additional data equals more opportunities to make better decisions, the key to leveraging data and translating it into meaningful results is knowing what to focus on, how to interpret it, and how to utilize it during the decision-making process. Data is only valuable if it is actionable. Are you confident that you are taking advantage of all the metrics available to your business?

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