Silicon Valley Plays Host to “Techiest” Super Bowl Yet

Here’s something you might not know: Over 75,000 beers and 21,500 hot dogs are expected to be served during this year’s Super Bowl. But what happens when you mix the Denver Broncos, Carolina Panthers and a host stadium located deep in the heart of Silicon Valley? You get the most technologically advanced Super Bowl to date.
This Sunday, Levi’s Stadium plays host to the biggest prime time football event of the year: Super Bowl 50.  Given the fact that it is located in an area with a rich history of innovative technology, it’s only natural that the Santa Clara stadium would want to flex its technological muscles.
Levi’s Stadium has 400 miles of fiber and copper cable and 1,200 WiFi access points ready and waiting to  handle the data needs of a sold out crowd, all so fans at the big game can post selfies with their friends, snapchats of the latest play, and order food straight from their smart phones with the Super Bowl app. “We built this stadium based on three pillars,” Al Guido, the 49ers’ chief operating officer said, “technology, sustainability and the fan experience.”
Levi’s Stadium boasts 10 times the bandwidth the NFL mandates at other stadiums, and was battle tested last March when the stadium played host to WrestleMania 31. The “Super Bowl” of wrestling saw more than 76,000 fans take to their smart phones to the tune of 4.3 terabytes of data. That’s the data equivalent of downloading more than 68,000 hours of music. Stadium officials predict that this year’s data usage during the championship game will top last year’s Super Bowl record of 6.4 terabytes set in Arizona.
Everyone remembers the power outage during Super Bowl XLVII (aka the “Blackout Bowl”) that lasted more than half an hour.  On this Super Bowl Sunday, we’ll see if Levi’s Stadium’s network can handle the data-storm caused by all the smartphone-wielding football fanatics.
We’ll keep our fingers crossed.
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