NFL Analysts Fumble Big Data on Mock Draft Picks

May 16, 2014
Big data has become as much of a game changer in the NFL as it has in business. Thanks to field sensors, multi-view cameras, statistical analysis and game planning software, performances can be measured and quantified in more ways than ever before. That means general managers of NFL franchises have a myriad of new information helping them make more informed draft picks.
Although the information may come from different sources (e.g., balance sheets, sales invoices, CRM software and operational insights), the same goes for business owners when it comes to making decisions that affect company profitability.
Still, all that data means little without the ability to match needs with the resources available and effectively distinguish between what’s important and what’s just white noise. This may have been part of the reason predictions for draft picks made by football analysts were so far off the mark from the actual first round of selections made by the NFL. ESPN’s Mike Maycock got just three of 32 names right, and Mel Kiper faired the same. (Of course, their fumbles also demonstrate the infinite permutations that can occur in a short period of time as teams sequentially select and react to choices made during the complex drafting process.)
For companies, the draft experience equates to top leaders evaluating both positive and negative trends, forecasting business performance based on forward-leaning indicators and nimbly making adjustments whenever and wherever necessary. Decisions may not be demanded as the second hand ticks like in the NFL, but timeliness is still incredibly important to avoid potential misses and take advantage of unexpected opportunities.
Translating a business’s infinite streams of data into decision-making tools that help increase growth and profitability is no easy task. To get it right, analysts need to sift through and consider a company’s operations from the inside, knowing what to look for in detail. Working closely with the data particular to your business, you and/or your advisors can pinpoint the right key performing indicators and accurately interpret information to ensure your company is on track to meet goals.
Talley & Company and its affiliate, Group 11 Advisors, offer a uniquely combined platform of services that give business leaders the ability to both analyze and decipher leading as well as lagging indicators. Talley & Company not only provides timely, accurate historical financial data, (where you’ve been) but also reporting metrics that can anticipate where your business is going. To determine whether your business is taking advantage of all metrics available to make the most informed picks for future success, schedule a time to talk with us today.