GameStop Investors may be in for a Tax Surprise


Over the past month, there have been large rumblings in the stock market after a group of Reddit users manipulated the price of stocks such as GameStop, AMC, and Blackberry, achieving huge gains overnight. Google searches for “What is short selling?” and “Purchase GameStop stock” likewise exploded, as more and more wanted to jump into the fracas in hopes of a quick payday. While most investors may have already notched tens of thousands, with some saying they’ve scored millions, many of those who want to cash in on their gains this year may be caught off guard by the amount of money they owe the government.

Those cashing in on their GameStop stock held for less than a year do not qualify for long term capital gains treatment and any gains will be taxed as ordinary income. Even if these non-day traders end up booking losses in the stock market in 2021, there is a limit to how far their losses can offset ordinary income. Although rates vary depending on what tax bracket the taxpayer is in, rates start at 10% and can be as high as 37%. There is also an additional 3.8% “Net Investment Income Tax” that applies to high earners, single filers making more than $200,000, or couples filing jointly who make more than $250,000, for a final rate of 40.8%. Those who have claimed that they have had GameStop Stock since 2019 are eligible for more favorable long-term capital gain tax rates if they recognize gain upon selling. The highest rate would be at 20%, but high earners would still have to pay the additional 3.8% making the rate 23.8%.

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